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At a Glance: 

Josephine had recently been widowed and was living at a skilled nursing facility. Her family had hired the help of a leading home care agency for a few hours a day to keep her company and help out with daily tasks. 

Josephine’s family was worried about the hours their mom would spend alone, but Josephine did not want additional care hours. The home care agency suggested installing Sensi, a Virtual Care Agent technology they had recently onboarded, in Josephine’s apartment. 

System Findings:

Sensi’s analytics pointed to several trends in Josephine’s home, including a possible high risk of falls, a sensitivity to temperature, indications of possible respiratory distress, and low mood. 

Data Driven Decisions: 

  • The home care agency implemented Sensi’s recommendations to mitigate falls risks by suggesting purchasing comfortable shoes for outings, teaching techniques to deal with dizziness, and working with Josephine’s family to get medical attention for pain in lower extremities. 
  • The agency added frequent check-ins on comfort with the temperature setting to Josephine’s care plan, and made sure to notify her caregivers of this update. 
  • The agency worked with Josephine’s family to ensure she got medical attention for her possible respiratory illness.
  • The agency shifted Josephine’s care hours to be with her in the evenings when she was experiencing peak indications of distress and low mood. The agency ensured that Josephine was paired with a caregiver that Sensi’s analytics had indicated had the best success in soothing her, by singing to her and reassuring her.  


Sensi’s analytics were able to pick up on key trends that pointed to both physical and emotional hardships that Josephine was facing. 

The agency shared these insights with Josephine’s family, and with the facility she was living in, and facilitated a team effort to ensure that Josephine’s needs were met. 

Josephine’s family also felt reassured that their loved one was in good hands, and were empowered with data to make the right care decisions for her. Sensi’s analytics also reflected how much Josephine had been struggling emotionally, prompting them to check in with her at least once a day.  

These actions were instrumental in Josephine’s ability to remain independent, and had a positive effect on her overall physical and mental wellbeing.